A Mission from God

But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

Matthew 6:33

God gives us a vision- a mission- it often starts small and if we are faithful in the small things He will give us charge over bigger things- enlarging our territory as our focus remains on Him!

As the charge increases so to can our practical worldly endeavors that support the mission. Paperwork, contacts, busy work. We must guard from making these things our first focus or else they will become our sole focus and our mission, our God given vision, will be turned into just another worldly enterprise, our ministry a business. We will find ourselves puzzled, unfulfilled, burnt out, overwhelmed, and left alone by God. Of course, we are never left alone by God, but rather, it is us who, unconsciously, have left Him- in our very honest sincere pursuit of Him. 

We must guard against this disaster from the start. The mission, the vision, is Not our end goal- is Not our purpose! 

What is? Holiness unto the Lord! Sanctification unto Holiness! Oneness with our Savior Jesus Christ! 

We must discipline ourselves- after all we are disciples- to seek First the Kingdom of God! Our relationship with the Lord comes first- every morning throughout each day! When we make that our goal, our mission- the vision given us by the Lord, along with all of its practical busy work, will be completed with ease and with plenty of time to spare! 

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