Hold Your Tongue

To reveal His Son in me that I might announce Him as the gospel among the Gentiles, immediately I did not confer with flesh and blood.

– Galatians 1:16

You ever have this overwhelming feeling that God wants you to do something? You get so excited and can’t wait to let other people know what He would have you do! You excitedly tell them your plans with the full expectation that they will be as equally thrilled about this as you are! 

Their blank stare in response let’s you know right away that this is not to be the case! After their blank stare wares off they begin to give you their objections- their scenarios of all that could, and according to them will, go wrong. You can almost physically feel the air being let out of your balloon of revelation. You begin to agree with them and start adding objections of your own to the list of why “this or that would never work out”! 

As you walk away you continue to ponder all the reasons given to support why that feeling you thought you received from God was just your imagination after all. 

Time passes and no matter what you do it seems it just isn’t right- you feel that you are not doing what you are supposed to be doing- even if what you are doing is a good thing! That feeling that God sent you continues to resurface- in thoughts and perhaps dreams; maybe in something you read, hear, or see! You try to dismiss it and immediately those objections come up and you systematically check them off in agreement to the futility of this calling. 

Unfortunately, this trend will continue until either one of two things occurs: you are “cast into the belly of the whale” or you finally “throw caution to the wind” and obey! One of these options is definitely more comfortable than the other- although the least desirable one definitely helps you leave all doubts behind. 

When God speaks a plan or path into your life it is important- despite your understandable overwhelming enthusiasm and zeal- to be silent on the matter and confer not with flesh and blood! Hold your tongue until God looses it for you! Continue to commune with Him in prayer and meditation in the Word as He builds your confidence in Him and the path He’s set for you! This doesn’t mean that by the time you tell other people you will know every step you are going to take or where the path will lead as that is not the point of waiting. Wait on the Lord and by the time you talk your faith- in the plan, the path, the next step- will be so sure that no matter what anyone else says your feet will not be swayed to move- no whale belly will be needed, no wasted time had, and no anguish in indecision present to hold you back! 

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