Convenient Betrayal

And when they heard it, they were glad, and promised to give him money. And he sought how he might conveniently betray him.

– Mark 14:11

How many times during an average day do we conveniently betray the Lord? Too harsh? Ok, we will give ourselves some credit and expand it a little- how many times during the week, the month, the year, do we seek how we may conveniently betray God?

Like the apostle Peter, we will undoubtably and fervently declare, “not I…no, I will never deny or betray you Lord!” Of course not! Jesus has saved us and we owe all to Him, and all to Him will we give! Right? Right?

Are we sure we do not daily betray Him?

  • “Well, my job asked me to compromise by fudging the numbers just a little but, hey, it is for the good of the company, thus it’s good for the employees and the customers! Jesus would be cool with that! Right?”
  • “It’s just a harmless curse word or two. Oh, again, Jesus knows my heart and He knows that I love Him. It really is no big deal if I say His name in a derogatory tone accompanied by other curse words! I don’t think that’s what He was talking about in the 10 commandments. Besides, this person keeps cutting me off in traffic and they deserve much worse.”
  • “I know that Jesus said that fornicators will not inherit the kingdom of God. He was not talking about my boyfriend and me….He knows we really love each other.”
  • “I know God said that to look with lust at someone is to commit adultery with them but I mean, come on, did you see his abs? Times have changed, that is just an outdated way of thinking that God does not expect us to hold to anymore.”
  • “Speaking of outdated ways of thinking- it’s okay to love who you want to love, be who you want to be, do what you want to do- God wants us to be happy! Afterall, God is love, right? Yes, and He wants us to love who we want, how we want, when we want!”
  • “Oh, I know that what they are doing is wrong {insert injustice} but it’s not my place to tell them what the Word of God says. That’s between them and God!”

This list of examples could go on and on and on as it endlessly progresses from our daily small betrayals up to our big ones. We twist His commands, we twist His Words- just like the devil did when tempting Jesus in the wilderness- to suit our wants and desires all while telling ourselves that we are following the Lord in Spirit and Truth.

Why do we do such things? Even now when you read this are you doing it? Lying to yourself and saying, “nope, that is not me!”? Only you and the Lord can answer that question. We can lie to ourselves but we cannot lie to God- He searches the hearts and minds of us all!

Get with Him at once in His Holy Word, the Bible, while praying to Him for the truth! Then, when He gives you the truth, and He WILL, obey what He reveals to you! Do not seek a convenient way to twist it by seeking some mans opinion on the subject matter that is to your liking. No, be taught of the Lord and obey His voice as revealed to you in His Word (it truly is black and white and there are no contradictions).

Knowing the Lord intimately by daily communing with Him in the reading of His Word and fervent prayer with a humble heart set on serving Him will safeguard us from this prevalent, sneeky, and tempting desire to conveniently betray Him in a pursuit to satisfy our lusts. Remember, the Lords words in Mark 8:34,”…whosoever would come after me, let him deny himself, take up his cross, and follow me.” It’s not our opinion the Lord is looking for, it’s our obedience.

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