Be Careful Who You Follow

My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me:

– John 10:27

What does it mean to follow someone? In today’s society we “follow” hundreds, often thousands, of people on various social media platforms. Just exactly who are we following? Why in the world would we follow anyone but Christ Jesus?

The definition of Follow: “go or come after (a person or thing proceeding ahead); move or travel behind.” Jesus tells us repeatedly to follow Him. Hence we are to deny our wants, our desires, our way of doing things, our idea of how we think things should be and which way we think we should go in exchange for His way. We follow Him in His way without knowing- We follow Him in faith– believing that He will keep His promises, perfect what He has started in us, and never leave nor forsake us no matter how dark things may appear to our human eyes or hearts! 

We need to Picture following Him as He holds our hands and leads us forward. DO NOT let go of His hand to grab on to something tangible to the senses- the latest fad, gossip, celebrity or political exploits; new fashion, better job, bigger house, more friends; or the all encompassing trap of more and more “food” to feed the various lusts of our flesh. If we do, we will find ourselves groping in the dark looking for His hand again- desperately seeking to get back on the path of righteousness- the narrow way! 

We MUST be Careful who we choose to Follow! Too many talking heads and we quickly become deaf to the Truth. The Truth that can ONLY be found in Christ! There’s absolutely NO sense in wasting time- and risking sin- by following any other way.


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