The Most Neglected Item On Our “To Do” List

And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.

– Matthew 21:22 KJV

The most beneficial thing we can do for ourselves and those around us is pray! Yet it is for certain the most neglected item on most of our to do lists. Chores need done- do them first! Got to get to work- too busy to pray on the way there. Get home late- too tired to pray. What should be on our front burner is put in the back of the cabinet to be brought out for special occasions only- deaths, crises, etc.

Yet, when those special occasions occur who do we expect will be there to hear and answer our prayers? He better be there, right? If He doesn’t reply in our timing to our liking then that must certainly mean that He is not fair, not caring, not loving! We grow to resent Him and turn to our ways even more.

He is to work according to our terms or we will just forget Him altogether

What a sad way to live! Unfulfilled yet full of meaningless activity. Being pulled around and used by the god of our own making- who, in reality, is that ole devil- Satan himself. Disguised as all we want in life- disguised as caring loving freedom- he leads us further away from freeing truth found only in Christ Jesus to a life of bondage to sin.

Since sin cannot stand the light of the Lord our prayer life will cease altogether or, even worse, we will offer our selfish prayers to the devil- the god we have created. We will carve out time for this soul damning work to the detriment of our souls simply because it is gratifying to our flesh.

This is why the Word of God is vital! This is why our prayer life’s must be joined to daily meditation in the Holy Bible. The Word will cleanse us of our sins enabling us to come into the presence of the Lord- the God of the universe- creator of all that is seen and unseen- while simultaneously illuminating for us who God really is- not the god of our making!

If we put this practice into action- More and more we will be conformed to the likeness of Christ resulting in unceasing prayer of believing faith.

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