The Word is Alive

But we will give ourselves continually to prayer, and to the ministry of the word.

– Acts 6:4

The Holy Word of God continually amazes me! Many of us have heard it said that it is alive- well, of course it is- it is Jesus Christ, after all!

I don’t think I meditate on that fact enough! Jesus IS the Word of God! He is the Word of God made flesh! Do I wish to know Him? Then I simply MUST daily commune with Him (by reading Him)!

As I mediate upon His glorious attributes and His way I discover even more depth and meaning in each line of that Holy book!

Every verse of scripture, thus every word Jesus has to say applies to actual events in history or coming events in the future in this world of matter as well as actual events past, present, and/or future inside us- in our minds, spirits, and/or souls! Utterly AMAZING!!!

Before I was born again through the redemptive power of the Only Begotten Son of God- Jesus Christ! I never saw any of this- ever! I would read and be like, “Jesus was cool and this story, His story, must be true…so I might as well believe it but I sure don’t understand most of it” etc. and so forth and so on. Therefore, I did not read it except when i was in some sort of crisis- if even then. It was as if Jesus were dead to me, or at the very least asleep!

Then He sprang to life and more and more I have gotten to know Him- the joy of my day is communing with Him first thing in the morning! How did this happen? It was a work of God- through grace by faith! What is my part?- discipline to seek Him out daily, first thing in the morning- at least, and intentional obedience to prayer and denying of self- all with the powerful help of the Holy Spirit! A friendship, a team, an indwelling of power from on high that leads to newness of life, has been formed to the glory of God!

I pray to grow more and more in understanding, wisdom, and discernment regarding my Saviour Jesus Christ and to share Him with those He leads me to! I pray more and more people seek Him out- surrender to Him- and feast upon His word to the saving and sanctification of their souls! There is simply nothing more amazing, rewarding, and, put frankly, mind blowing than the depth, wisdom, love, mercy, justice, holiness of Jesus Christ!

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