Hope in Sight

And they went every one straight forward: whither the spirit was to go, they went; and they turned not when they went.

– Ezekiel 1:12 KJV

The above quoted scripture is referring to the four living creatures that Ezekiel witnesses and describes when the hand of the LORD was upon him by the river Chebar. Those who believe on and follow the LORD Jesus Christ are now become living creatures as well. Before coming to Christ we were dead in our sins and trespasses; our iniquities and transgressions greatly abounded. Now, praise God, we are made new and brought to life in Him. Gory of glories!

Therefore, just as the four living creatures went straight forward so are we to go if we wish to abide and remain in Christ Jesus. Jesus Himself tells us in Matthew 7 to enter in at the straight gate which leadeth to life. Walking straight forward towards God is key to finding life in Him. That is Gods will for our lives- that we would have life to the full and abundantly so! Walking a wide and crooked path of our own making will not lead to life! Jesus also makes that clear in Matthew 7 when He confirms that wide is the gate and broad the way that leads to destruction- the wages of sin is death.

Not only did the four living creatures go straight as they moved, as they went, but they always went wherever the spirit would go! The Spirit of God living inside them, as He does us that believe on Jesus Christ, is the guide that they follow. Any creature that IS alive will surrender to the will of the Spirit of God living inside of them and will- like the wind- go wherever He sends.

            The wind bloweth where it listeth, and thou hearest the sound thereof, but canst not tell whence it cometh, and whither it goeth: so is every one that is born of the Spirit. – John 3:8

Those born of the Spirit, like the four living creatures, will continue moving straight forward as they go- not turning to the left or right. Seems odd at first thought that someone could blow like the wind- which appears to be haphazard and random- and not be turned from the way! Here’s the difference- those blowing with the whims (or winds) of the world, dead in their sins and trespasses, will certainly find themselves turning here and turning there as they look for a way out- an escape from their bondage. They might turn and feel they have been set free but the feeling will be short-lived as they will find themselves entangled in chains even stronger than the first set when the winds of death cease for a moment.

Those Alive in Christ- indwelled with Holy Spirit of God- will do just the opposite! They will blow like the wind of the Spirit- surrendering to Him and going where He sends with their hearts, souls, minds, strength set on doing His will alone. They will not look to the world- to it’s whims and trappings- they will not give in to the lusts of the flesh- their eyes, though many in the instance of the four living creatures, are singular- focused on service and worship to God Almighty!

If we, who still reside in this corrupted flesh here on earth, do happen to turn from the straight and narrow path laid out for us by Jesus Christ, we still have much hope! Let us repent at once! Repent with godly sorrow- turning from our sins and confessing them to God- and we will be cleaned from all unrighteousness- as we go and sin no more as directed! Those lost in the world and dead in their sins will just keep turning about from the left to the right, up and down, all around, looking with all of their eyes but finding no hope in sight.

2 thoughts on “Hope in Sight

  1. We often consider our need to more fully submit our life to God and the leading of His Spirit, to place our life in His hands and release our “self” control. We desire to be in His perfect will and serve Him with all our heart. But does our desire to serve go so far as to consider ourselves a slave.

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    1. We are either slaves to God or to the world which is ruled by Satan! There is no gray, no walking on the fence allowed- choose this day who you will serve! Being a slave to the Lord IS true lasting (eternal) freedom 🙌


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