State of Confusion

For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints.

– 1 Corinthians 14:33 KJV

All of us have a different story on how we came to believe on Christ Jesus as our Lord and Savior. Our testimonies are all unique and serve to remind us how we can overcome the powers of darkness that try in earnest to quench the light of the LORD that has been shed abroad in our hearts to the glory of God the Father in Heaven!

It’s happened to me and I can almost bet it’s happened to many of you. Some will battle this darkness in a more dramatic way than others with the intensity dependent upon our state of being at the time of our conversion as well as our continued discipline and obedience to the LORD. In my case, I can tell you the battle in the beginning was intense, long, and shrouded in utter confusion! Confusion! Confusion, a precious instrumental device used by the powers of darkness in an attempt to drive us far from the truth!

We have a moment of enlightenment- we finally see the truth that is found ONLY in Jesus Christ! We want His forgiveness, we seek Him earnestly, we know in our spirits that He is the Way of life! We have found the answer! Now enters that confusion! This confusion will rear it’s ugly head through other people who give us their opinions on Jesus, the Bible, church, and religion in general. We are so new to the faith, or so trusting of people, that we listen intently to what they tell us and we do not go investigate for ourselves, or, worse, we do not trust what the Holy Spirit is telling us, so we solely rely on others for our information. This plaque of confusion can last our entire lifetime if we never stop and examine ourselves.

What a terrible state to live in, a state of confusion, all the while lying to ourselves; torn inside! We know Jesus is the Christ but we add traditions of man to Him; we practice pagan rituals in our worship to Him; we follow laws and rules and flat out lies in our attempt to grow in closeness to Him; and this list goes on….

Why do we remain in this confusion when God explicitly tells us in the scripture that He is NOT the author of confusion? I suppose it would take a book to explain why we remain that way; why we add to the finished work of the cross for our salvation; why we mingle darkness with light! A book, like say, the Holy Bible! The Word of God- that cure for clearing up our confusion when we humbly meditate upon and read it in conjunction with prayer AND obedience!


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