The Soothing Balm for the Overwhelmed Soul

If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.

– John 8:36

It is an overwhelming feeling that comes upon you when you are sitting alone in the dark, just before dawn, a cold front moving through- so you find yourself chilled even while nestled inside the safety of your home. Overwhelmed with prayers to be prayed that keep getting clouded by the cold mountainous expanse of things to be done- chores that need completed; work piling up! Overwhelmed as you search for balance!

I cover my head and begin to pray as the cool draft reminds me that I am still here. Like the disciples in the garden of gesthemene I find myself drifting off to sleep in between supplications. I stop myself for the the guilt of that and immediately I am reminded of the chores again. Help me Lord!

My hearts desire is to serve You; to walk in your will Father; not mine! To do what You call me to! It gets hard to hear you Father for all this cold wind!

What’s the remedy to this malady of spirit? How do I make the way clear? I resolve to keep seeking You in prayer even between sleep! I resolve to rest in you Father! If You have called me to a chore, a work task, You will provide me ample time and energy and focus to complete it in just the right timing!

I think on Jesus and how His priority was always time alone with You before going about the business of the day! I meditate upon His words- seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these things will be added unto you!

There in lies the answer and the soothing balm to my overwhelmed soul! I have prayed and now I have stopped to reflect here on the page the working out of my dilemma! It’s still chilly in here; crisp and refreshing now though; no longer frightening and dark.

He really wants us to commune with Him in prayer! To pour out our souls to Him- our fears, confusions, plans, dreams! The more we walk with Him in obedience to His word the more we line up with His will for us and the less time we will spend feeling like I did first thing this morning! We quickly come to remember that He has the answers; that He’s always there ready to listen, to soothe, to protect, and to mend; and that He truly cares for us!

I tried to write when I first began this morning but it wasn’t until I went to Him first and placed my burdens upon Him, at the foot of His cross, that my hand flowed easy across the page! He truly does set us free! I gotta go now! Praise God, there’s work to be done!

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