Bravely Suffer

For unto you it is given in the behalf of Christ, not only to believe on Him, but also to suffer for His sake;

– Philippians 1:29

Sometimes I suffer for the sake of Christ with writing these daily insights! It sure gets daunting at times! Especially now that I have publicly committed myself to publishing these insights daily. Before I did that, my struggle was moderate at best and consisted of fighting heavy eyelids and timing issues. Now there is the added pressure of truly fine-tuning so that there are no grammatical errors; getting done on time to post by my self-imposed deadline of 5am; and, most importantly, hearing the Lord and conveying the message He gives. It seems my mind is busier than ever, and my life has, in tandem, become busier as well. Many issues press on me and it makes me laugh when it does not drive me to despair!

I want to do the Lords will and convey His wonderful ways and doings and depth and height and might and love and mercy and grace and all-sufficientness (new word created by yours truly :)) to those He sends across my path- which in this case is my daily writings. I worked for almost 2 hours this morning on this very subject- suffering. It took me that long to get 2 paragraphs completed. They are fine intellectual paragraphs, but they are uninspired, forced, and, honestly, worldly! I would call them a waste of time, but I see God working in it all now.

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I have completed the 2 preceding paragraphs in less than 5 minutes! I can testify to the fact that when it is the Holy Spirit working in us words will pour out of us like water, just as they are doing for me now. However, prior to that happening, we may, and most likely will, have to suffer waiting before we obtain! Our part to play in His wonderful working through us is to remain obedient; to keep listening; to keep praying; to grant Him the same long-suffering patience He grants us; and to always remember that He keeps His promises and will come through. Trust Him! It really is like that saying- ‘if He brought you to it, He will bring you through it’!

Now I would be remiss, and called out by many of you, if I failed to give mention to true deep suffering for Christ sake, for the sake of the His glorious gospel! Of course, there are increasing levels of suffering and sacrifice for the Lord. If, however, we fail to endure in minor sufferings, like I have focused on today, we need not fool ourselves into believing that we would withstand, and therefore stand, in the face of true persecution, true trial, true hardship, or true pain!

Let us bravely suffer through at the daily, seemingly insignificant moments, so that when our more severe tests come we will be able to endure as good soldiers of Jesus Christ!

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