Who’s Interests Do We Seek?

For all seek their own, not the things which are Jesus Christ’s.

– Philippians 2:21

When we take a true deep look at ourselves what do we see? What are our interests? What occupies our mind? We profess the Lord Jesus as our hearts home, as our savior, but have we truly made Him our Lord?

The Bible tells us in Matthew 6:21 that, For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. If Jesus truly is our treasure, if we truly are seeking first the Kingdom of God as directed in scripture, it stands to reason that our interests would match up with the interests of our Lord and Savior! But Do they?

We must examine ourselves! Do we find ourselves yearning to do the will of the Lord? Do we stop frequently throughout our day to check in with Him, to ask His direction, to bring petitions and supplications and thanksgiving before His throne? Is He our constant source of help in good times, in menial things, as well as in trials and tribulations?

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How we truthfully answer these questions will say a great deal about where we actually stand with God in reality, and not just in our own minds because, let’s face it, we have a tendency to point out where others fall short but we can’t see our own noses despite looking at them in the mirror! We must pray that the Lord would remove the rose-colored glasses we have donned in our effort to justify our lack of conformation to His interests and, thus, His will for us! I guarantee that there is at least one spot in all of us that needs to be repented of or, at the least, altered to His will from ours! Once the Lord grants our request to see where we fall short, or where we are sinning, or where our interests are not His, we must be willing to listen to His instructions for the remedy!

If it’s sin, then we must repent and turn away from it!

If it’s idleness or complacency, we must get to work as directed!

If it’s a hobby or habit or etc., we must replace it with those things He dictates!

If we will obey! If we will listen and act! If we will lay down our ways, our interests, our ideals and pick up His we will Not be disappointed! He tells us in Isiah 55:9 that, “…His ways are higher than ours…” So it’s only logical that they are guaranteed to be so much better than ours as well! There is nothing greater than submitting fully to Him! Nothing better than denying ourselves in service and obedience to Him!

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