Fear of the Lord

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom: a good understanding have all they that do his commandments: his praise endureth for ever.

– Psalm 111:10

We will fear spiders, plaques, each other and more

For some reason we are void of the fear of the Lord

The Lord God Almighty- He is faithful and true

The Lord God Almighty- His will we should pursue

Instead, you will find us wandering around

Bent on destruction, standing on shallow ground

The Lord God Almighty- Just, Righteous, and Holy

The Lord God Almighty- Creator, Sustainer, the One and Only

We are fickle and wanting of instant pleasure

Never minding the outcome as we demand good weather

The Lord God Almighty- holds the world in His hands

The Lord God Almighty- in whom time has its beginning and end

We carry on as though we are the ones in charge

Carelessly we forget Who has brought us this far

The Lord God Almighty- His commandments are not grievous

The Lord God Almighty- sent His Son to redeem us

If we continue on the wide path we have chosen

We will be justly destroyed when judgment He imposes

The Lord God Almighty- writes His laws on our hearts

The Lord God Almighty- manifests His glory in the stars

We are left without excuse if we deny the Son

Plunged into the lake of fire for the sins we have done

The Lord God Almighty- does not wish that any would perish

The Lord God Almighty- offers His love in The Way we should cherish

Let us turn from our way of death

Take hold of His hand; be born again

The Lord God Almighty- is set to restore us

The Lord God Almighty- paid everything for us

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