Degrees of Sickness

And the blind and the lame came to him in the temple; and he healed them.

– Matthew 21:14

First, we need only to search the scriptures in order to come to the true realization that apart from Jesus Christ we are ALL blind and lame to some degree! Next, it is important to note that Jesus did not heal those mentioned in today’s scripture simply because they had “come to church”!  He healed them because they “came to him”- they sought after Him- believing that He was able to make them whole- they sought after Him in faith! Many people who go to the temple (to church) are not looking to be healed as they are falsely believing that there is Nothing they need to be healed of or from- they are, of course, deceived (see the first point mentioned in the opening above). They attend church solely to fulfill their self-righteous religious and societal obligations. Sadly, they are the “unwilling to change blind” and it is doubly sad that they make up the majority of the congregations in church houses today.

Throughout the New Testament we find Jesus healing people on the streets; in the countryside; in homes; in the public square; and various other places. This clearly shows us that it is not the location or the environment that determines if the Lord will come and restore a person or not. Neither is it a person’s level of success in life; “clean living”; good works; nor pedigree that determines if Jesus is willing to heal and restore.

Jesus restores those that humble themselves; those that call out to Him; those that realize they are truly incapable of doing it on their own; those that believe He Can! Jesus also restores those that He receives cries of anguish and pain and hopelessness over from others- He hears the prayers of the humble and lowly; He hears the prayers of the righteous- He hears their prayers, and He answers in accordance to the will of His Father in Heaven. Therefore, it is vital we pray for our loved ones, friends, and acquaintances- all those that the Holy Spirit impresses upon us to intercede for in prayer- as their healing could very well depend on it. We may be the ONLY person of true faith in someone’s life and, according to the Word of God, our fervent prayers do avail much (James 5:16).  


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