Just Keep Digging

And Issac’s servants digged in the valley, and found there a well of springing water.

– Genesis 26:19 KJV

It is an easy delight to praise the Lord God Almighty when we are standing on the mountain top awash in His light. We have taken His hand and with His loving guidance we have climbed up to the peak. There we have felt His presence as sure as we feel the clothes against our skin; we have beheld His glory in adoration; we have tasted the Holy, righteous goodness that is the Lord Jesus! Our eyes have been opened by the Truth and now we see the restorative power of our Lord and Savior as a reality in our own lives! There on that mountain top we are set ablaze by the Holy Spirit as we boldly proclaim our allegiance to the Lord of Hosts! We are ready to serve Him no matter the cost; we are ready to share the Gospel no matter the miles or where He may send; we are ready to go wherever He leads!

It is this mountain top moment that will serve to sustain us as we venture out into the cold, dark world with the Word of God! It is this mountain top moment that we will look back on as we trudge forward in willful determination on the path of righteousness! It is this mountain top moment that will remind us where we will find the never-ending supply of living water to quench our thirst and the bread of life to satisfy our hunger. Afterall, it is vital that we do not get stuck in perpetual reminiscence of our “glory days” in the Lord with no fuel to carry us on when we are deep in the valleys of this lost world. There should be multiple mountain top moments, just as there should be many valleys, in this journey to Holy sanctification unto the Lord.

It can be dark, lonely, frustrating, scary, puzzling, nerve-racking, mournful, sad, confusing, and a whole host of other things when we find ourselves in those inevitable valleys. Like Isaac’s servants in today’s scripture, we simply must resolve to keep digging, digging deep into the Word of God, until we once again lay hold upon the well of springing water which is Jesus Christ! He is there for us, never leaving nor forsaking us no matter how things may appear to our weary eyes and our weary souls! Keep digging, keep obeying, keep seeking! And do not be surprised when you find that you have dug your way right up to the peak of the mountain again!

And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.” – Galatians 6:9

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