Ready for Battle?

And my tongue shall speak of thy righteousness and of thy praise all the day long.

– Psalm 35:28

Truly the only way this can be so is if we begin our day in communion alone with the Lord God Almighty! Let one thing step in the way of this most important of dates and we will find ourselves walking sluggishly in the grips of our flesh! Some of us might find that we are going in and out of the Spirit like a person who is awaking from anesthesia or from being knocked out- with the Lord one minute and in the flesh the next. Just when we think we are beyond spiritual reproach: masters over our flesh to the glory of God, cares of the world, forgotten lusts, and trappings of the flesh will rear their ugly heads in an attempt to get us of course- out of the way of life and into the way of death. No one is immune to this trickery. No one is above this temptation.

All of us must stand guard at the door of our souls and spirits with the correct armor donned in preparation for battle. Soldiers do not wait until threats are detected in the distance, shots are fired, or enemies are breaking down their doors to prepare for battle. No, soldiers are ready in advance! They are suited up for war- prepared from first light with others standing watch throughout the night! It is to be the same for those of us fighting in this battle for our eternal lives! Why do we so often insist on going out to face the enemy unprepared and ill equipped? Surely, we do not enjoy defeat- we do not wish to be knocked in the ditch of life, to backslide and fall away from our first love- our Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ?

He gave it all for us, He paid the price, He suffered, He died, He was buried, He rose again, He is seated at the right hand of the Father, He intercedes for His sheep day and night! Oh, let us not make His work harder! Oh, let us not make Him weep over our lazy, selfish ways which only lead to our hurt! Oh, let us come to Him in the morning! Yes, first thing in the morning, let us come to the Father through His beloved Son in prayer! Yes, let us meditate upon His Word as we receive from Him the very Bread of Life that sustains and satisfies our souls. Only then will we be prepared for battle! Fully suited in the Armor of God we will stand ready to face the day prepared and armed! Our hearts freed from worry and woe to the loosening of our tongues in praise and thanksgiving to our Creator and the Lord of our lives Jesus Christ!

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