Visitor in the Night

But the angel of the Lord by night opened the prison doors, and brought them forth,…

– Acts 5:19

I remember the night, or as it were- the early morning hours of the night, that the Lord knocked on the prison door of my soul and spirit. It was October 15, 2015 when I awoke to the sound of actual knocking on the door of our apartment. I, in turn, woke my husband who went to investigate and found that no one was standing outside! Upon hearing his report, I immediately knew who it was that had come to visit me. It was the Lord Himself!

Now, for over a year prior to this beautiful visitation I had been earnestly seeking for the truth. I had been praying fervently to the best of my ability to know what the true “truth of it all” is! My prayer life was a ceaseless plea of help that went something like this: “Why are we here? What is important? What do you want me, us, to do God? Help me fish through the lies and find the answers! Please help me!” I found my thoughts turning to God with more and more frequency! I craved the truth! My heart burned for God! Yet, I was caught in a web of confusion; doubt; fleshly wants vs. spiritual liberation; and on and on and on!

I would read the Holy Bible while also reading new age books about spirit guides and crystals. Even when faced with scriptures that stated that the Only truth was found in Jesus, I would still find myself hanging on to old habits, old thoughts, old lusts of the flesh! I was riding a fence between two worlds that only served to drive me mad! I would state with my mouth that I knew Jesus was the answer, but I just could not seem to let go of the trinkets and gadgets of those who are still lost.

Then that fateful night arrived when the Lord came to visit me again. Yes, again! He visits His sheep, He is their Good Shepherd, whether they are able to recognize Him at the time or not. Eventually, His identity will be revealed to them as they proceed through their journey here on earth. The closer we grow in relationship to Him the sooner we will recognize when He calls us or looks down upon us. I was not that close to the Lord that night He came but the Holy Spirit testified to my spirit that it was in fact Him and He made it noticeably clear to my spirit that I had a choice to make- He was biding me to come and it was time I decided if I was going to follow or not. When a visit like this occurs for you, and it will my friends (perhaps this is it now?), I pray you choose Jesus like I did that day!

That day I knew without a doubt that it would henceforth be Jesus for me and no one or nothing else! I immediately threw and tossed away those new age books and bobbles and turned solely to the Word of God. As my walk with the Lord progressed and I made a daily habit of seeking Him early in prayer, in conjunction with reading and meditating upon His Word, my life has become more and more sanctified. This is His will for us- to be sanctified by His Word- His Word is Truth! I know from literal firsthand experience that it is by the sanctifying power of His Word, through the Holy Spirit, that our prison doors can be flung wide open and we can step out free in the liberty found Only through Jesus Christ!

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