Cleaning House

The Lord is my strength and song, and he is become my salvation: he is my God, and I will prepare him an habitation; my father’s God, and I will exalt him.

– Exodus 15:2 KJV

How many of us will confess that Jesus is our Savior, yet we will refuse to make room for Him in our lives? I do not mean that we do not do service “for the Lord” in our weekly routines. Attending church regularly; volunteering at the food pantry; and even standing against the evils of our day does not mean we are truly serving the Lord, or that we have prepared a habitation for Him in our lives! It could actually mean the opposite! This is why it is vital that we call upon the Lord in ceaseless prayer to “create in {us} a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within {us}” (Psalm 51:10). Our service, no matter how noble or grand, does not substitute for a right, true, obedient relationship with the Lord God Almighty.

If the Lord truly is our strength and our song, then He WILL become our salvation. We will give up our rights to ourselves all day, every day, in return for His dwelling with us! Oh, this is not a onetime thing but, rather, a daily, relentless battle of dying to self and living to and for Christ! This is going against what we think He would have us do, against common sense at times, and submitting to His will. He has called me to a certain work in ministry and as of late He has pulled me back in order to attend to other matters and for whatever other reason(s) that only He knows at this time. It has taken a great deal of ceaseless repeated prayer asking for reassurance in the matter for me to be obedient to His will because I do not want to go against Him, and I do not want to be deceived by my heart (Jeremiah 17:9). God is so very good and kind and merciful and loving! He has displayed this to me over and over again as of late by offering me the reassurance I need and have asked Him for which, in turn, allows me to rest knowing that I am, in fact, doing His will!

The Lord is there for us and it becomes more evident and more focused and more glorious when we seek Him above all else. He makes His way known to those who truly seek it. He reveals Himself to those who obey His commands. If we love Him then we will let nothing else get in the way of our obedience to Him. We will resolve to fight for Him; to look for Him- to clear out the sin, contempt, bitter, and rebellious behaviors and attitudes that we possess in exchange for bountiful fruit of the Spirit. Yes, we will submit to Him as He works to clean our house of all that is not of Him; until our eyes be focused singly upon Jesus! It is that simple! Jesus is the only true salvation. Let us accept no substitute no matter how noble the cause!

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