Ready or Not, Here He Comes

Therefore be ye also ready: for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh.

– Matthew 24:44 KJV

We all know that these words spoken by Jesus certainly apply to the end of our lives here in the flesh or to His return to earth for His bride. Just like everything else Jesus spoke to us in His Word, however, there is more than just one meaning.

Jesus comes to us throughout our lives manifesting Himself in different trials, persecutions, tests, and certainly through the gracious blessings the Father bestows upon us. He comes to see if we will remain faithful to Him in Spirit and truth.

He comes to guide us with His still small voice and waits to see if we will listen. Will we have ears to hear? He comes to see if we will have eyes to see only Him or if we will be lured away by the lusts of our flesh, the lusts of our eyes.

He comes to behold how we will handle sticky situations that on the surface appear innocent and good for the advancement of the gospel; the fight for justice of the oppressed; and/or the path of least resistance to the giving of mercy in the name of the Lord. He waits to see if we are willing to compromise and, if so, if we will remain compromised while hailing ourselves champions of the Truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Of course, the Lord also comes to comfort, to heal, to save that which was lost. It’s just that not many talk about these more subtle visitations because most do not recognize them with their closed eyes and shut up ears! Let that not be the case for you; I pray it no longer be the case for me or for any that profess to believe on His Holy name! After all, He is so good to warn us beforehand that we have no reason to need a second visit if we will just heed His coming at the first.

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