Be Always on Watch

And what I say unto you I say unto all, Watch.

– Mark 13:37

As I am praying and meditating upon this verse of scripture, I am simultaneously fighting the urge to go to back to bed. My spirit is so very willing, but my flesh is so weak and flawed and apt to be lazy. My flesh tells me to rest and come back to this later. My spirit chimes in and says to press on, pray harder, trust the Lord and you will prevail. As soon as that thought came to mind, I opened my eyes and began to type what you are reading now. The battle rages between these two constantly which leads me to believe that I know just what multiple personality disorder is really all about- the flesh and the spirit vying for the lead in our lives- minute by minute and day by day. It is when we stop even trying to fight this battle, when we give in to the flesh and lay down the weapons of our warfare- prayer; the reading of the Holy Word; and obedience to God- that danger and lose await us. It is then that we stop watching in hopeful expectation for the Lord Jesus to come.

Oh, ye of little faith! We simply must avoid this pitfall at all cost! We must be always on Watch and not grow weary in the battle. My battle this morning was so short lived once I remembered to take up my weapons and watch for the Lord! I sat down at my desk and my eyes grew heavy. I picked up my phone and scrolled through Facebook while I had a few more sips of coffee in an effort to awaken myself for this writing task I faced. I scolded myself when I briefly thought of it as a chore- it is in fact an honor to write about the goodness of the Lord and the riches of His Holy Word. As I scrolled through Facebook, I remained tired and started to feel really hopeless as I began to doubt that I would be able to write at all this morning. I had almost decided to just go back to bed but then I remembered to PRAY! I put down my phone and started to call out to the Lord for help and inspiration. I only prayed for maybe a minute and He gave me the word to go. I lifted my head and began to type. Now here I am with my blessed task complete and my spirit uplifted by the goodness of the Lord who always keeps His promises! And what I say unto you I say unto all, Watch.

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