Power Source

And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth.

– Matthew 28:18

If we would read this verse of scripture- these words of Jesus- every morning and repeatedly throughout the day think of the change it would bring to our lives! Think of how our worries would disappear; how our false idea that we are in control would be replaced by the truth of Who actually is; and of how our eyes would focus upon following Jesus more and more to the glory of God!

All power is given unto Jesus in heaven AND in earth! All Power belongs to Jesus! Not just power here and power there; not just power over some things but not others; not just power over the good but also over the bad. When we internalize this; when this truth sinks down into our soul, our spirit and saturates our conscience we throw our hands up in surrendering praise to the One who formed and guides the stars, who gives life and breath to all who possess it, and who has the whole world in His hands!

So often we foolishly believe that it is up to us- whatever our ‘it’ may be. We struggle and adjust, we push and pull, we betray the truth in order to just get ‘it’ done which only results in our ending up further from the truth and from the will of God than when we started. Let us resolve today to put ‘it’ down at the feet of the One who has All of the power, and as we surrender and rest in Him, waiting on His perfect will to unfold before our faith filled eyes, we will be blessed beyond measure for having walked in obedience to Him.


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