Will You Choose To Be Refined?

Circumcise therefore the foreskin of your heart, and be no more stiffnecked.

– Deuteronomy 10:16 KJV

It’s not easy getting over yourself! It’s not easy admitting that you are not the one in control or the one who ultimately orchestrates your success! It’s for sure not easy to look upon the true state of your being; of just who you really, truly are and to see what you rightly deserve for your behavior, your wicked thoughts, and your selfish carelessness! It’s not easy, but it is necessary if you wish to be set free from delusions, lies, and much grief and heartache! It’s a continual process of refinement that requires your active humble participation on a daily basis!

Neglecting to admit these truths; neglecting to surrender your false sense of control; and neglecting to obey the ultimate supreme authority, the Creator and Judge of us all, God Almighty, will only lead you to despair and eventual eternal damnation. You won’t find many people that will understand and support this view. They are neglecting, deflecting, and self-deceiving not only themselves but others around them as well- don’t fall into their trap or under their spell. They are confused but declare clarity; they are sitting with their faces turned from God Himself and wish to have others join them in the only way they know, which is the only way they are willing to accept.

Afraid of the fire of the refining power of God they avoid the truth and refuse to soften their hearts or bow their heads in humility; all the while, they are treading forward to a life filled with want, with fear (admitted or not), and with regret. What they fail to realize is that the fire will eventually get us ALL, it’s just a matter of when and what state it will find us in- will it be in their flesh while it refines in sanctification unto the Lord or will it be after their death when they are cast away forevermore? God leaves the choice up to them just as He has left it up to you! Choose this day whom you will serve!

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