If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.

– John 8:36

I feel as though a weight has been lifted, the fog has cleared, and the stone has been rolled away from the door!

I was burdened and oppressed; feeling dejected and scattered; my focus waning! I had become bogged down with the tasks of the everyday; life change after life altering change and adjustments were taking place in succession.

Faith prevailed and eyes always focused above as My Creator worked out even my mistakes to serve my good! Let me never forget the consequences of going against His Truth; His Word; His will- even though He tenderly covers my sins. Ramifications still ripple and others are affected when we do not obey the Lord; when we choose to take scriptures and place them in a context that suits what “we think” God wants for us. He makes Himself perfectly clear and when we feel led to justify ourselves that should be a huge RED FLAG to us!

Aside from all that there is also the need to constantly be on guard against becoming “too busy” doing things that He did not compel you to do in the first place! We have No Idea how we hinder our walk with Lord and, as a result, overly complicate our lives when we take on things that He did not ask us to! It’s not that what we are doing is wrong- perhaps it is a beautiful selfless act done from a pure place inside of us- we will have our reward- but it just wasn’t what our focus was to be and now we risk loosing focus on the one thing the Lord has truly called us to.

The important thing is that we continue to seek the Lord DAILY in His Word; DAILY in ceaseless prayer; and that we listen for Him- expecting His guidance- looking for His hand to lead us- following Him. We can stop at anytime when or if we discover that we’ve gotten off course- that we’ve veered off the path He’s set for us- and readjust! It’s crucial that we do that and that we not stay trudging forward in a crooked, burdened, heavy way- that’s not what He wants for any of His children.

Turn back to Him again- Him alone- trust Him to set you right. Let go and watch as He works it all out to your good! Watch as you see how He uses you in His sanctifying work of others to His glory alone! Obey His Word and guard your hearts and minds in and through Him; live a light-giving joyous life free in Christ Jesus!

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