A Morning Walk In America

First I saw the First Response Pregnancy Test box laying in the grass beside the sidewalk. I thought to myself what an odd place to find a pregnancy test box- laying along side a busy 4 lane road! Then just mere feet ahead laying up against the curb of the road itself I saw the second box- a Clearblue Pregnancy Test box. I instantly put two-and-two together and realized what this most likely meant. Much to my sadness but unfortunately, not to my surprise, I realized that this means someone was frantic to rid themselves of the evidence of their purchases. Someone is trying to hide what they have done. Instead of happily testing at home in hopes of being with child, this person could not chance someone finding those boxes, someone knowing the truth, and so, she tested in secret.

What if they were positive, those tests? My instinct tells me that they were just that- hence, the 2 different brands and 3 total tests! Someone out there wanted to make sure the results were correct!

What then? What then if they were positive?

Will her baby be given a chance at life? Will she stand up and do the right thing? Did she? Is she loving her baby despite any opposition that might come her way? Is she willing to protect him or her or they (if there’s more than one)? Is the blessing she has been given filling her with love and delight?

Or, like those test boxes, will she devise to keep them a secret? Will she search out that dreadful place where she can go and get “rid of the evidence” for a steep price? A price that will cost her baby his or her life! Will she believe the lies perpetrated by our society, by so many operating under the influence of their father the devil, that her baby is her property to do with as she sees fit- to the destruction of precious human life and of her very soul?

As I continued to walk I came upon this bus stop and was blessed and shocked to see an “Our Daily Bread” devotional laying on the bench and being held in place by a chain saw blade. I thought to myself, “God you are really talking to me this morning!” As I lifted the devotional I read the verse of scripture printed on the front.

But you, LORD, are a shield around me, my glory, the One who lifts my head high. – Psalm 3:3

Amen! That is the truth for me. And I immediately wondered if that is the truth for the person who had tossed those boxes out the window! Is she, are they, trusting in the Lord? Do they even know the miracle that has occurred in their midst if she is in fact with child? Are they standing, bowing, in awe of the Creator who bestows upon us gracious gifts of life?

Or, is she, are they, like so so many who ignore the evidence of His glory and shake their fists at His commands? Like that saw blade on the bench has seen its days of cutting in pieces wood and brush, are they willing and prepared to hire someone to cut in pieces their child for the sake of their own lives, their own selfish way, regardless of the tragic costs?

I turned the corner on the sidewalk and as I walked through the little neighborhood down the street I looked over and beheld that “God Help America” sign. Oh how He wants to help America! He continues to send warnings to individuals and to our society at large! We continue, for the most part, to dismiss Him and carry on with our ways- our sins abounding! We pay little mind to the fact that His saw of justice is never old, never dull, never late but it is right, and gleaming, and ready to strike when we least expect it!

The wicked, those who choose to continue to walk in their sins, will be cut away, permanently removed. Those walking with the Lord will continue to be pruned until that fearful day arrives!

Our land is soaked in the blood of the the innocent! Will we continue to sit by and let murder be an option? A choice? Or are we ready to repent and bring into the light what is so often (by the thousands EVERYDAY) being done in the dark? There will be nowhere to hide when His justice is served! Without His shield around us- the shield provided by the precious blood of Jesus Christ to those who believe on Him- we are condemned already!

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