The Only Thing That Can Save

How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? and how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? and how shall they hear without a preacher?

– Romans 10:14

I minister at the abortion mill 5 days a week. Five days a week I watch parents lead their children away to death. Day after day I plead with them to have mercy and compassion. Day after day I see hard hearts run swiftly inside and, in the case of chemical abortions, back outside with brown bag in hand- on their way home to complete the process of starving their baby to death and then inducing labor. In the case of surgical abortion I witness them limp out of the building supported by staff or some other sin-filled soul as they groggily make their way to the car. I continue to offer them help- often they ignore me, surprisingly sometimes they gladly accept the packet I hold out to them as they drive away, and sometimes they become violent- punching, swerving their car to run me over, throwing objects at me, etc.

It is a dark place at these gates- I come to bring them the hope and light of Christ. Often I stand alone- a sad sight but it keeps me in total reliance on God- which I should have even in crowds of thousands. Emotions well up inside me- to the point of bursting at the seams- praying for these poor lost souls who think they have it all figured out. I pace back and forth in prayer asking God to give me the words to speak. God do something! They are in such danger- you know that Father more than anyone else! Struggling as I hold back tears- watching as they laugh and mock on their way in; watching as the solemnly sprint to the door; watching as they respond in uncalled for anger as I gently introduce myself and offer them help!

What am I doing here Lord? They are blind and unwilling to see! What do you want me to say? Help them Lord! Help them Lord! The devil is carrying them away! Tears burn in my eyes! My heart screams in thunderous beats! God help them!

Before I realize what I am saying the Word begins pouring boldly from my lips! In rapid succession scriptures are proclaimed as my voice lifts higher and higher- as if it’s taken on a life of its own. Everything around me is blocked out- only to be brought to my attention again, but briefly, when a passerby screams some obscenity at me. As my voice shares the laws of the Lord – proclaims Christ crucified and resurrected- as I tell of His mercy and grace- as His story unfolds from my lips- I have all but disappeared. No conscious effort of what to say next, no questioning- just me resting in the Lord as He speaks through me!

When His Words stop I notice I am visibly shaking- but that overwhelming burning need to do something has been satisfied. Silent tears of gratitude mixed with sorrow stream from my eyes. God has shown me again, as He does every day, what lost people need. The Gospel- the only thing that can save them- nothing else can do it! What a blessed opportunity- what a reward- what a beautiful life- to herald the Word to the perishing- in an attempt to bring them to Life!

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