Lost In Confusion; Found In Christ

Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.

~ 2 Corinthians 5:17

What can I write that hasn’t been said? What can I read that I haven’t already read? What can I do that hasn’t been done? Seriously, what race am I trying to run?

What makes me think I am so special; why would I be called? After all there’s so much I can’t remember, so much I can’t recall.

Does it even matter? What of these voices in my head? Telling me to push faster when I feel I should give up instead.

What am I seeking on this journey of mine? Why does it feel like they have all left me behind? Their names escape me; nothing seems real. Like digging through rubbish just to find how I feel!

Running in circles! Almost seems like a game! But the numbers add up as does the pain. Cleanse me of this confusion, wash me of this pain. Hand me a mirror so I can see who I am.

Ah! But alas this mirror deceives, for the truth of the heart is not easily seen. It hides behind illusions created in the mind. Burried beneath the rubbled mess that only grows with time.

How painful unstacking this wall that has been laid! How liberating to feel the kiss of freedom as each brick is tossed far away.

Into the light of truth it goes replaced only by peace. But there are some that refuse to move; so I must hastily aid in their release.

Oh how they stick and yearn to hang on! Oh how my heart bleeds as it grows! Oh how I try to do the right thing; but what constitutes right in a worldly thinking brain?

Open my eyes wider divine truth- oh how I beg You to see! Is it quite possible Your truth is already in me? Then Why this confusion; why this uncertainty? I must hush this shouting ego that dwells within me!

I Surrender to you- once and for all! As I take up my cross Lord Jesus and answer your call! Clarity rolls into my once clouded mind. The life I once lived I now leave behind.

A new person is born under your reign. A new person who will never ever be the same again! Freedom discovered in complete service to You! Thanks be to God who’s promises are True!

Forever I’ll praise you for this glorious gift! Forever indebted for all that you did! For I’ve been brought from darkness to light; From dead in my trespasses to fully alive in Christ!


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