The Tree

A Savior is born! The evergreen tree is so green! Decorated with lights that glisten; Reflecting His royal majesty

The time drawing closer- To the completion of Gods perfect plan. The sinless Son of Gods earthly ministry was set to begin. His unchanging call is sent to all man. Repent and believe, for the Kingdom of heaven is at hand!

The trees lost its branches and this world it’s appeal. The Truth has been among us and we can no longer deny He is real. The worlds anger is increasing; this is why the heathen rage! They flee from His light in vain attempts to escape!

Crucify Him they holler! They further strip down that beautiful tree, Until nothing is left but a cross- The Son of Mans destiny!

Nailed in the place of where decorations had once been; The Savior of the world willingly takes upon Himself all of our sins. He suffers the just wrath we so righty deserve. Proclaiming “It is Finished!” as His last earthly words!

Into the tomb His body was laid. The tree now discarded and the presents put away. By tomorrow doubt creeps in as the world tries to lure us away; But let us not forget the tomb is not where He stayed!

He IS risen! He has defeated both death and the grave, And it’s only through belief in Him that any of us can be saved! Forsake now the world and all of its lies. Trust in the Lord Jesus and in Him only abide!

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