His Net Will Not Break

Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.

John 8:12 KJV

As I sit here on the beach and watch my husband cast his fishing line into the waves I am overwhelmed by the Lords goodness towards us.

You see we were the worst of sinners- selfish and pleasure seeking, lost in this world of lies- slaves to our sins and flesh!

We were doing things our way! As we saw fit!

We were making it! We had a beautiful life! A home on the beach, good jobs, smart kids, a dog, a cat, and more!

By all appearances we were living the American dream!

But, like the majority of people, all it took was a light scratch under the surface to see the dark, empty, shells of vanity that we had become!

God in His providence and timing brought us to a place where we slowly began to see this truth about ourselves! This place shown a light into our bleak darkness which illuminated those ugly things that had a grip, a death grip as it were, on our very souls and spirits!

This light caused us to run away from it time and time again because we really did not like seeing this truth about ourselves revealed.

But alas, this light of truth has a way of drawing you back to itself due to the all encompassing love it pours forth onto those to whom it has been revealed!

That love that gave and continues to give us life! That love that proves itself when all other loves seems to fail! That love that is the only love that can fill every fiber of our being, giving us joy and peace to endure even the most turbulent of storms!

And a storm we have endured! And perhaps more storms are to come! But the difference now will be that we will know where to run- we will no Who to run to…

The one who will never leave us, the one who never has and never will forsake us!

The one who has brought us to this very moment of serenity! The one in whom we both have believed!

It is in Him, through Him, and by Him that we move and have our being! He is the very air we breathe! The Savior of our souls!

We have been brought from death to life; from sinner to saint! Secure in His promises we rest on His finished work!

He has redeemed us and blessed us with more gifts than we deserve! In storm or gail; in peace or safety- we know that His net will not break as He leads us home!

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