There’s Only One Key

Look unto me, and be ye saved, all the ends of the earth: for I am God, and there is none else.

Isaiah 45:22

It’s easy to become sidetracked when you love the LORD God Almighty and know the truth of His saving power! You find yourself surrounded by lost, hurting, searching souls and you know who holds the only key that can release them from their prisons!

Taking hold of that precious key in believing faith is all they need to do in order to be set free! You tell them about the one who holds this key and you tell them what He has done for you but Instead of taking hold of this life-giving key you watch as they continue to fumble through the set of keys the world has handed them! Keys the world promises will work but that are never able to turn that lock fully to the point where the door to their prisons will swing open giving them the chance to step out from between those burdensome bars for the first time.

You listen as one tells the other of this new way of escape! Buy this or do this or so and so did this and it worked for them. But you know it’s all false! Short lived! And that Disappointment is waiting just around the corner for them once again!

You watch as they try to make excuses for their failed attempts at freedom; as they try to cover up their pain and shame and regret with various vain remedies- remedies that always result in death; and as they run from one fad, one obsession to the next looking for the way out all the while sinking further back into their dark prison cells.

You find yourself beginning to fret and worry over their souls. Before you know it you have taken the responsibility of saving them upon your own shoulders- you know, maybe if I say this or do that or give them this book or take them here or there it will save them. You slowly begin to rely on your own abilities, just as they are relying on theirs, and before you know it you see that you yourself are stepping backwards towards that old jail cell of yours- that one you left behind when the King of kings and Lord of lords came to you with that golden key and set you free. In your well-meaning concern for their souls you have taken your eyes off the LORD- the only source of saving power!

Catch yourself quickly! Take your worries to Him! Take the souls that are burdening your heart to the great physician and always remember that He is the one who holds the key to salvation! Rest in that fact! Look to the LORD and guard your focus on Him at all cost!

Remember, salvation is of the LORD!

Shall not the Judge of all the earth do right?


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