You Have To Start To Begin

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

Genesis 1:1 KJV

Well, I’ve started out behind schedule!

It was my good intention to start a Bible study with my friend on Monday morning. She actually ended up starting a day early, yet here I am finding myself 5 days late!

Things kept coming up every morning this week that required me to get up and out of the house right after Bible reading time, before I had a chance to concentrate on the study. Now here we are at Friday…5 days later and I am beginning!

That is what is important though… I have started- I am Beginning!

This has reminded me that no matter how far behind we may feel! No matter how far from God we may find ourselves! No matter what good or bad we have done! As long as we are breathing He is there for us! He is ready to help us begin!

My husband always tells me that the hardest part is getting started! That saying could be applied to any thing we set out to accomplish or work on! What everything that gets done has in common with every thing else is that all of it had a beginning!

We can dread and make excuses! We can procrastinate and deliberate! We can blame and deflect! Or we can decide to begin!

Are there times when we dread something and it turns out that our dread was warranted? Yes, certainly there are! It is in those moments we are to lean on the LORD for help- and He will do it! We should lean on Him in all we do- for we that belong to Christ can do nothing of ourselves (John 5:19; John 5:30)!

And what about those times when our dread is not realized- when things go better than planned? Those are the moments we are to praise the LORD- for we should praise Him in all things (Psalm 150)! Amen!

The important thing is we get started! The important thing is that we begin!

Has God laid something on your heart to do? Has He laid someone on your heart to reach out to? Has He given you a plan and told you it is time to act?

You know that you know what it is He is calling you to do!

Go, pray!

And then, Begin!


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