Labor Together

For we are labourers together with God: ye are God’s husbandry, ye are God’s building.

1 Corinthians 3:9 KJV

When we labor together we are working in unison. Often times, however, when it comes to our working with God we will find that we are not really laboring together at all!

It will be either us waiting on God to move and get things done for us as we sit idly by and pray for things to go the way we would like OR it will be us working and toiling and plotting and planning to move things how we want even if it is outside of Gods divine plan, timing, or helping hand! Both ways lead to disastrous results for us!

Suppose God has called you to change jobs! The grace that you felt once covered you at your current job has all but lifted as evidenced by the heavy burden you feel when there that you did not feel before. Maybe this burden is also accompanied by the removal of favor you once had with those in authority over you and/or with your fellow coworkers. When God calls us to a change He will always send us multiple confirmations to help us discern that the call is in fact from Him! This is especially true if we ask for it in prayer and remain open to whatever He has to say in the matter!

Let’s get back to our scenario. So, we have heard the call to change jobs and God has given us at least 2 confirmations! If we are laboring together with Him would we take no action at all or would we begin to prayerfully look into other job opportunities while simultaneously listening for a confirming word from the LORD? Do we do nothing, including not praying, out of fear of the change that would be brought about if we were to change jobs? Do we convince ourselves that it was all in our head and attempt to carry on as normal? None of these options indicate a strong faith on our part nor do they make us much of a team player!

Now let’s say we heard that call from God and recognized those confirmations but instead of prayerfully waiting on the LORD, while actively seeking out other options, we go ahead and tender our resignation and dive headfirst into working to secure a job in a direction God never intended us to go! We did not wait on the LORD! We failed to listen or watch for further confirmations!

True laboring together looks like us praying and listening; obeying what we hear and then moving in action in accord to Gods instruction and timing! It’s simple really but we are too often in a hurry to move things along or we think that we do not like the direction God is pointing us in so we fight Him by doing nothing or dismissing His call!

Gods call is the best call even when it does not sound like anything we would ever want to do! He knows us better than we ever could- we can and should trust Him!

Remember, our flesh is at enmity against God and will work to keep us from following His lead! Couple that with the worlds anti-God ways and the powers and principalities at work against us and it becomes easy to see why the struggle to walk with God in accordance with His will is so real and can be so very hard!

To remedy this we must stay close to Jesus! Daily reading His Word and ceaselessly praying to do His will! Our ambitions and wants and desires conformed to His as we die to ourselves and find life through faith in Him!


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