Wrestle with God

And Jacob was left alone; and there wrestled a man with him until the breaking of the day.

Genesis 32:24 KJV

Have you ever wrestled with God over something?

Have you ever fought Him regarding one of His standards of truth?

Jacob wrestled with Him all night until the breaking of the day!

Jacob got ahold of God and would not let go until the matter was settled once and for all in his heart, mind, soul, and spirit!

We would be wise to do the same!

As we grow closer to the LORD things will be revealed in us and about us that we simply must give over to Gods will if we wish to move forward in our walk with Him!

If we insist on hanging on, doing things our way, and believing in our own righteousness we will remain in a most miserable state of discontent- unsatisfied and unfulfilled!

Yes, having things our way is the exact opposite of good and healthy! The world will tell you otherwise! Just look around at all of the self-help slogans and love yourself platitudes that pervade the landscape of society!

This Biblical talk of surrendering your will and wants to someone you cannot even physically see with your own eyes is nothing but silly nonsense according to the majority!

Take that, along with everything else that trouble you, before Your creator and speak about it sincerely to Him! Ask Him what the truth of the matter is? Ask Him what He wants of you? What direction He would have you go? What He would have you give up or pick up? Then listen closely for His answers and be willing to obey Him when you hear!

Be wise in your discussions with God by studying His Holy Word- the Bible- because it is the only measure and rule you can use to test the spirits and whether they be of God! Satan masquerades as an angel of light and is notorious for playing God, especially in these important matters! The only weapon that can prevail against Him is the Sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God who is Jesus Christ!

Come before God with your questions, concerns, conflicts, and quandaries utilizing His Word as your standard of truth! Wrestle with Him there and be wise enough to surrender when He answers you with the truth knowing that His righteousness always wins in the end!


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