Like “Lady”

And shall not God avenge his own elect, which cry day and night unto him, though he bear long with them? I tell you that he will avenge them speedily. Nevertheless when the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth?

Luke 18:7-8 KJV

I remember back when a new patient was admitted to the nursing home where I worked as part of the occupational therapy team. She had the sweetest voice and disposition of any patient I had ever had the privilege of working with during my career. She suffered from dementia which rapidly progressed once she began living in the foreign environment of the nursing home. 

I quickly and endearingly began to refer to her as “Lady” because of her ceaseless habit of rolling up to me in her wheelchair and saying, “Lady, will you please take me home? I need a ride! Please Lady, take me home!” The yearning and desperation that emanated from her voice broke my heart for her EVERY SINGLE TIME she approached me! As the days passed, the more desperate her pleas to me became and the more I so sincerely wished I was able to grant her request!

She wanted to go home! Despite her dementia, she knew enough to know that those of us who were younger and dressed in scrubs or other official looking attire were the ones she needed to ask if she was going to be successful in her quest. 

When she was not looking for someone official to aid her in her escape I would find her at one of the many exits of the facility pushing on the door trying to hasten its release. She was persistent, determined, and sure that, one way or another, she was going to get back home!

She knew what she wanted and she knew where to go to seek the help she so desperately longed to obtain!  

We will often be found searching and reaching and trying to find peace and satisfaction in anything or anyone else other than the ONLY one who can actually help us which is akin to “Lady” going to other nursing home residents for help instead of to those in authority! 

We erroneously look to other people to fulfill these wants and needs; people who are not in a position of absolute authority or sovereignty; people who do not have the ability to save us! We push and pull on doors that if we try hard enough might finally come open but it will be to our detriment, to our hurt, and maybe even to the hurt of others around us! Like “Lady”, we are unaware of or have contracted dementia when it comes to the dangers and destruction that lurks and awaits those who are outside of Gods protection- protection found only in Jesus Christ! 

There are those of us who for awhile will seem to be just like “Lady” in all good respects. We will search out the sovereign God through persistent petitions and fervent prayers. Like the grieving widow in the Bible (Luke 18:1-8) we will bring our case before the judge and beg His help as we seek His face! But, unlike “Lady”, our determination and faith begins to waiver when answers do not come as quickly or in the way we would like. It’s then that many of us will be found returning to that old habit of going to every door and to the most agreeable person in an effort to get that which we most desire. 

Yes, unlike “Lady”, many of us eventually stop seeking after the One who is able to free us. We loose heart, we loose faith, and so we cease going to that one door that opens to all that call on His name; safely allowing us to go in and out as we find rest for souls; surrendering our wills to His way- the only way we will safely make it home! Home, to the place that God has prepared for all who have and do believe!

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