Stable But In Critical Condition

So thou, O son of man, I have set thee a watchman unto the house of Israel; therefore thou shalt hear the word at my mouth, and warn them from me.

Ezekiel 33:7 KJV

How many people are we encountering each day that would easily fit into this category- stable but in critical condition?

I am not talking about those people who’s physical lives are hanging in the balance! No, I am talking about those who’s spiritual health is in need of emergency services of the divine intervention sort!

These people may appear completely normal to the undiscerning eye. Maybe they have achieved much worldly success in their short lives…Maybe they are busy parents who are working to balance the demands of work and home…Maybe they are empty nesters who are getting ready to finally travel and do all of those things they’ve been dreaming about for so long…or Maybe they are 85 years old and just waiting for the end?

Whatever their particular situation may be these folks are living stable lives- they seem to have things together and perhaps they even seem to be thriving and growing as they experience new things, go new places, help others, and live orderly lives.

These are the people many of us strive to become – they have the status we long to obtain- they go on the adventures we can only dream about- their families are happy and healthy- their physical health is enviable!

But Not so fast!

Things are not as they seem!

Under the surface of their stable lives lurks discontent, unfulfillment, longing, want, and destruction!

These people are in stable BUT critical condition!

Though they appear to be alive they are truly the walking dead! Everything they have been doing is void of lasting worth or meaning! To their eternal detriment they have spent their lives serving their flesh and the ruler of this world, satan. They have spent their time idly on useless pursuits in their desperation to find meaning and purpose! Fighting a loosing battle in their efforts to finally be satisfied!

These physically stable people are in more danger than that precious Saved soul who is getting ready to breathe his last breath and slip into eternity! Why? Because that Saved soul is promised eternal salvation with God in Heaven and that stable, yet unsaved, person is heading down the broad path of destruction.

Their destination is one of eternal torment- the lake of fire that will be filled with those souls who thought they had more time; believed they were good enough to get to heaven; that attended church regularly- confessing Jesus with their mouths but never believing in Him with their hearts! There they will be joined with the devil and his angels for eternity. There they will keep company with murderers, rapists, and the like. What a terrible fate awaits so many; so many that seem so successful, so together, so smart, so wise!

Their stability serves to blind them to their true state- they are ignorant of their critical condition. It’s up to us to warn them awake by telling them the TRUTH! It’s up to us to fervently pray for them! Their time is short; their eternal fate so near.

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