Way more than just your average devotional…the new book As You Rise: Scriptural Insights to Help You Get and Stay on The Narrow Way takes you through the steps that lead to greater sanctification using a mixture of the authors own experiences coupled with scriptural insights that are sure to edify & challenge you as you seek to walk with the LORD along The Narrow Way!

From the book AS YOU RISE:

  • The most supernatural natural feeling thing in this world is to die to yourself and live in Christ!

It does not happen instantly! We really have a lot of baggage and opinions and pains and loves and hang ups and preconceived ideas and lusts and lists to erase, replace, revise, and mend before we reach perfection! We will not make it there while we reside in this flesh of dust, but it is the joy and goal of the redeemed child of God to work towards the goal of apprehending Christ!

  • All of us must stand guard at the door of our souls and spirits with the correct armor donned in preparation for battle.

Soldiers do not wait until threats are detected in the distance, shots are fired, or enemies are breaking down their doors to prepare for battle. No, soldiers are ready in advance! They are suited up for war- prepared from first light with others standing watch throughout the night! It is to be the same for those of us fighting in this battle for our eternal lives! Why do we so often insist on going out to face the enemy unprepared and ill equipped? Surely, we do not enjoy defeat- we do not wish to be knocked in the ditch of life, to backslide and fall away from our first love- our Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ? 

  • A mind and heart set on seeking the truth in humble sincerity will be found by Jesus!

To avoid falling off the narrow path of life which He has lit for us it is essential that we listen to the promptings of the Holy Spirit and go when He says go; stay when He says stay; and that we be always open to His teachings.

  • God is not asking for our immediate perfection!

He is gracious and long suffering towards us, not wishing that any would perish but that all would come to repentance (2 Peter 3:9). Sanctification is a gradual process. It is our job to have faith in what the LORD asks of us- remembering that He is own our side (Psalm 118:6) and will work all things to our good (Romans 8:28)! Do you believe Him?

  • Have you been to the lonely, agonizing, suffering garden of Gethsemane?

Was it so long ago that you have forgotten what happened to you there and now your fruit lays half rotten on the floor of your hardened heart? Or are you so new to the faith that you have mistakenly believed that your first trip there to begin your sanctification is the only trip that is required? Do Not be deceived! You simply MUST Get to Gethsemane right away Christian! It is urgent that you go back there today if you are truly going to keep and bear the fruit of the Spirit of God!

  • Is our mind still set on Christ? Or have we wandered from the narrow way?

Do we have a longing inside of us for that closeness we once had with Jesus? Check back in with us when the cares of the world and the naysayers and wiles of the devil have worked to get us off course! Will we find that we have continued what we once so intensely began?

  • We must die to ourselves, and when we do, we will be pleasantly surprised and blessed to have the desires of our heart granted, while we ever walk in full confidence and assurance of who it is we serve to the glory of God the Father! Amen!

AS YOU RISE: Scriptural Insights to Help You Get and Stay on The Narrow Way

COMING SOON…Stay Tuned!!!!


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